YouTube Video Marketing For Local Business

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Ask any ‘web marketing guru’ what the most important tools available to businesses are and they will always consider YouTube Local Video marketing as a top strategy any local business can use to increase profits.
There are many niches that have hundreds of thousands of YouTube views for their videos and these all contain a link back to their website – we can help you rank high on YouTube for high ranking keywords and massive traffic.
YouTube is owned by Google and because of that it can be a great strategy to piggy-back YouTube. This simply means using videos as they are often easier and quicker to rank on page one than blog posts, landing pages and cheaper than buying traffic from paid ads.

Why Video Marketing On YouTube?

Well, for starters, YouTube video marketing has a really good ROI. That’s because it it is easy to rank videos for local business keywords when compared to other forms of seo and marketing. What’s more, YouTube local video marketing strategies are highly targeted meaning that the audience you will be reaching is going to be very engaged and much more likely to buy from you.
Video marketing gives you the opportunity you to reach your audience whenever they use your keywords on desktop, tablet or smart-phone. It’s highly personalised  and direct and as a result it is much more cost effective and productive.

What Constitutes The Best YouTube Video Marketing?

Better Ranking = More Traffic

Using highly targeted short promo videos that rank on the first page of Google will see benefits reaching further than just the clicks and the leads they generate.

Better Than Other Types Of Marketing

Local businesses owners who understand the power of this, know that video marketing is more profitable than any other form of web marketing – including direct marketing, social media or PPC

More Traffic To Your Website

Well placed videos for lots of your keywords can bring in more new business than you might think.

Convert Potential Buyers More Easily

The potential power and effectiveness of local video marketing has to be seen to be believed, and to be honest although not every video will make it onto page one the chances are that they will still bring in unexpected business as they can rank higher than your website pages or blog posts.
Video marketing for your local business can make the difference in quite a short space of time too – consider that most seo campaigns take weeks to make a difference and rarely keep you ranked high for long either.
Consider that one video uploaded to YouTube as a live event will appear on page one of Google in as little as 5 minutes.
Imagine the impact of 20 or 50 of these events targeting local keywords for your business!

Have A Member Of Our Team Discuss Your Project With You Today…