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YouTube is perhaps better known as a platform to upload and rank videos for views and clicks on both YouTube and Google, although it is getting harder to rank your videos for good keywords because of the competition.  In fact many times, Google will not rank a video at all as it deems its content for the keyword results not relevant.

So there is an alternative that brings in faster results without the long waiting time – and lets face it you have probably already paid a substantial amount simply to have a video or three created for your company.
This probably means you also have a budget for promotions and adverts. 
Imagine having to buy a 30 second TV commercial slot on ITV in daytime. That would set you back several thousand every time, and even on Channel 4 daytime a minimum of £1000 to get seen for just 30 seconds.
This service is directly aimed at using your videos for online commercials that will target local traffic for clicks your to web pages, and virtually no-one is doing this so you get amazing value for money. This is a pay-per-click service and one that you will want to keep running.

Most local business will probably need to allocate around £1500 to £3000 per month to get the best out of this service and the minimum spend to get any decent sort of results would be £1000.
If you have watched videos online then you will know that commercials appear at the start of them for 5 seconds, after which you can skip the ad – or they appear in the sidebar related to the search that the user entered to find the video. These places are where your commercials can  be placed.

Why Video Commercials?

Well, for starters, as mentioned above, almost no-one is doing this so  local video commercials have a really good ROI. 
Local video marketing commercials are highly targeted meaning that the audience you will be reaching is going to be very engaged and  local so therefore much more likely to buy from you.
Video commercials give you the opportunity you to reach your audience whenever they use their phone or other devices to search for local services and products. Because video is watched far more then any other medium it is much more cost effective and productive.
YouTube Video Commercials

What Do You Do To Create My Commercial?

First we need a video to use.

Once we have that the next step is to discover all the relative keywords and demographics associated with your business.

We go to your website to find landing pages.

If you have the right landing pages for the commercials then we use those - if not then we create them for you.

Lastly we use all that information to create your commercial.

A perfectly created campaign is now set up to run according to your budget and within 2 days you will see traffic starting to arrive on your landing pages.

Convert Potential Buyers More Easily

The potential power and effectiveness of local video commercials is not to be under-estimated. They will be seen by a lot of locals and will serve as a reminder of your business or will introduce them to it.
Video commercials for your local business can make the difference in quite a short space of time too – consider that almost every seo campaign can take weeks to make a difference and rarely keep you ranked high for long either.
If they need to be scaled up for even more clicks to your website then the sky is the limit.
You will want to keep this a secret too…you will not want all your competitors jumping onto this marketing method!

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