So You Want To Design Your Own Website?

Well, I have news for you, so does everyone else!

In my experience, I have been a web designer for 12 years now, whenever I talk to someone who is starting their own business or is a sole trader or shop owner, they always either know someone who can build them a website for nothing or will build it themselves. That sounds like a fantastic idea right?

Wrong! It is a terrible idea. To own a successful website you must consider so many things that only a professional can bring to the table. You want people to find your website on Google and see it there on the first page of results – so how do you achieve that?

You have to know that the keywords that you want your website to be found for are the right ones, keywords that people are actually searching for.

You have to understand how to use those keywords to multiply the chances of being found on Google.

You have to know how to construct a web page layout that will give the right impression and result in people giving you their email address or placing an order or enquiry through the contact forms on your site.

You must 100% understand the usage and implications of images used on those pages because if you do not then your ranking and your page loading speed will suffer. You must consider the implications of the hosting you buy.

Yes, you can get hosting for as little as £10-£50 per year but your website will be on the same server as many other websites and you have no control over what they do which is for me very worrying – believe me I have tried all these things with little or no success at all.

Try talking to me, I will help you reach the best decisions and build you a website that ranks for the best keywords for your business.