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3 Reasons why you need FREE SSL certificate installed on your website for the security of your visitors.

SSL means your website has https:// instead of http:// like all the top websites have had for years.
If you do not get an SSL certificate –
1: It may harm your search engine rankings as Google will promote sites that have SSL ahead of those that do not.
2: Visitors arriving via Google Chrome browser will see a similar image to the one on the right and leave your website never to return. Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. Click this link for up to date statistics.
3: If you have a website that keeps membership details or client information and it is not secured with SSL, it could easily become more of a target for hackers.

There is literally no reason at all to not get an SSL certificate installed on your domain.

Without one you could lose a lot of sign ups – and a lot of data if the worst happened!

If you want to bury your head in the sand and say well visitors using Google Chrome will not affect me – then check this out. Browser Market Share Nov 2016This clearly shows that Google Chrome has the biggest user base of all the popular browsers.

needs ssl not-securewebsite

If you decide that this will not benefit you in any way then we encourage you to think again for the sake of reason number one above! It already happened once before when needing a responsive website became a requirement. It will happen again in future when accelerated mobile pages start featuring more and more…

To learn more about SSL and the small details that you might need to know – go to our blog post here What Is SSL?