How To Add A Listing In Chichester To Google My Business

Getting free organic traffic from anywhere today is not the easy job it was a few short years ago.
Now you have to watch every step carefully, ensuring that you do not over-optimise your content or your anchor texts or acquire dodgy backlinks etc etc…
Social media and Google paid ads can cost the earth and spiral out of control, and your website seo to rank for your keywords also costs a fortune.

So what is the answer?

Set Up Your Own Google my Business Page If You Do Not Already Have One

It is really easy to set up your own page on Google my Business all you need to do is follow these instructions.

Once you have verified your business, within a few days you can type into google your business name  ajm web services and be presented with a panel like this one that gives all your business details, and if optimised well can appear in the top three maps listings for local keyword searches.

Forget trying to rank your web pages and concentrate on this…


google my business
google my business

Your Google My Business (GMB) page is the most important asset you have, so if you do not have one get in touch and we can sort this out for you.

If you already have a listing on GMB and it is in the top three for local keyword searches, congratulations! You have done your homework and you are enjoying more traffic and getting more clients than your competitors.
If you are not in that top three you are missing out on loads of new business and so this situation needs to be rectified quickly.

Perhaps the competition is fierce and you have tried everything but it does not work, or perhaps you are targeting the wrong keywords…it could be any one of a number of reasons. But the most common one is lack of optimisation.

For a flat fee of £95 we will optimise your GMB page and that will often make a difference. However if you do not wish to take the chance we can guarantee your position in the top three if you join us with a monthly subscription that starts at £49.95 and there are options and upgrades after that.

Remember that Google searches are way more targeted than social media ads can ever be, and you know that if someone is searching for your product or service then they want to spend money. If you use social media you can target people sure, but you have no idea if they are ready for your service/product or not.

So for a business in Chichester such as restaurant, plumber, electrician, auto repair, MOT centre, therapist, pub, club, association etc… GMB is the 100% most important part of your online strategy.

Please get in touch and see what we can do for you