Adding Google Posts To Your Business Pages

Google is shutting down their Google+ service to all but enterprise businesses in the near future, but this gives all you owners of small local businesses a great opportunity.

A new service that started in the USA has now been rolled out to everyone. If you own a verified Google My Business page then you can take advantage of this brilliant new service by posting offers, events, news and products.

You can post a link or a Call To Action button at the same time, giving your visibility on Google a real shot in the arm. These posts are easy to set up, but 2 things will cause issues – 

  • Finding the right text and images to post
  • Posting them every 7 days because they expire after that.

However, I am prepared to offer you 2 free Google posts for your My Business page as of today (Oct 18th 2018) and then after I can offer this service to you as a monthly or weekly package.

This offer will not last for ever...

Get in touch by using the form near the bottom of this page and I can start setting up your free Google posts so that you can see for yourself the effect they have.

If you are not convinced after the free trial then there is no obligation to carry on.


Marketing For Local Businesses In 2018

Improve Your Local Reach, Boost Engagement

How can you improve reach and engagement?

Google is the number one factor when we talk about reach but now there is a way to not only increase visibility on Google, but also to give your engagement and clicks to website a real shot in the arm! 
The image here shows a typical Google result if anyone types in Star of Bengal Uckfield. It gives the top search results plus the info panel on the right.

As you can see, this particular search has been performed on average 210 times per month.
Now naturally this varies from business to business and town to town, the point is, that once anyone searches for your business they will be presented with this view. 


How does that help your marketing strategy?

Because there is a new way to use your Google listing.


You can take advantage of the latest Google phenomenon to take your views or impressions on Google to a new level.

Google posts are the most excellent way to convey an up to date and dynamic message to all those people who are searching on Google for your business or services.
They appear inside your Info panel which features right at the top of the search results page.
Each post has its own call to action button to send your visitors where-ever you want them to go. 
For instance, a page on your website, a product in your online shop, your Facebook page, a special landing page anywhere on the web.
This gives you an opportunity to send out an event, a special offer, a news update or a product every 7 days. 

Just imagine the scope of this. All of those 210 or whatever your volume of searches actually is, will see a new update every 7 days telling them about the latest event, offer, product or news.

Pricing Structure

Therefore I am offering an early bird opportunity to all of those business owners that take advantage of this latest Google update.


 I will post free for 2 weeks using a high quality image and perfectly optimised text to capitalise on these Google Posts for the benefit of your business.

When used on my own Google page it increased activity by over 100%, this is higher than normal but as shown above it is possible.

If after the trial 2 posts you want to continue, the prices are listed right below – 




Why bother with these new posts?

  • FREE TRIAL? You promised a free trial - so just get in touch asking for your free trial of 2 Google Posts and then you can see for yourself the difference.
  • They will be seen by all people searching for your business or services.
  • Fresh exciting content posted every 7 days.
  • Call To Action button to send them anywhere you want.
  • Activity on your Google page will increase substantially.

Why is the price dependent on search volume?

  • Smaller businesses have a smaller advertising budget and I want to be able to help businesses of all sizes.
  • Google Posts are useful to all businesses regardless of size and turnover.
  • Which ever price level your businesses falls in to, the benefits in percentage terms are the same.
  • This is a time limited offer so what are you waiting for? Get in quick before the prices go up.

How does this all work?

  • Firstly we agree on the pricing and sequences of posting.
  • Then you verify that I am authorised to make these posts on your behalf (the procedure is easy and you will be guided).
  • After that all you need to do is inform me of upcoming events, products, offers and news. The rest is down to me.